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Bonus Shares Available For Investments Over $25,000
Percentage of Round Funded 20%

Invest In a Crowdfunding Company That Is Changing Real Estate Investing

Offering Closes [DATE TBD]

Minimum Investment: $25,000
Open to Accredited Investors Only.
Bonus Shares Available.

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“We believe that the best investments shouldn’t be solely for the privileged few. Regardless of wealth, knowledge, skill, or location, anyone should be afforded the opportunity to benefit from a variety of wealth creating opportunities.”
Matt Belcher
Founder and CEO


Hot off the heels of its successful $1.1M seed round of funding, CalTier is raising $5M in its Series A round. Join us as we define a market and democratize online investing.

We are seeing a trifecta of the following 3 markets combining:


The global crowdfunding market share is expected to increase by $239.78 billion from 2021 to 2026, at a CAGR of 16.81%.


U.S. needs 4.3 Million more apartments by 2035

U.S. Equity Market

The U.S. equity market is valued at $53T and of that $3T is estimated to be ‘retail investors’ looking for investment opportunities.

The world is changing rapidly and we are at the forefront of the change. It is estimated 90% of people in the U.S. are non accredited ‘retail investors’.

Using cutting edge technology, new laws & regulations, and a massive paradigm shift in mindset with investors, CalTier is giving access to very hard to reach investments, such as cash-flowing multi-family real estate.


0 +
users on our platform and growing
$ 0 M
valuation; a 8,567% increase
assets in portfolio*
apartment units in portfolio*
*direct investments and participating investments



Celebrity Shareholders


Songwriter & Lead Guitarist of Imagine Dragons

“I am proud to be a CalTier investor”

Investment Incentives & Bonuses

Invest $25,000 Or More
Receive 10% bonus shares.

Invest $100,000 Or More
Receive 25% bonus shares.

Invest $250,000 Or More
Receive 35% bonus shares.

Invest $1 Million Or More
Receive 65.5% bonus shares.

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Terms of Our Offering

Minimum Investment Amount: $25,000
Purchase Price of Security Offered: $5.50 Per Share
Type of Security Offered: Nonvoting Common Stock

Open to Accredited Investors Only.
Bonus Shares Available.


Our first real estate fund has already made 15 investments in multi-family assets
across 8 states totaling over 1,725 doors*

*direct investments and participating investments


We are seeking $5M in additional funding to support the company’s growth. Funds will be used to:

  • More Products: Launch additional Regulation A funds
  • Technology: Expand our full proprietary technology stack
  • Financial Services: Register as an RIA and offer additional financial services
  • Team: Grow our world-class team
  • Reach: Market to a broader community


Matt Belcher
Matt Belcher CEO & Co Founder
Parker Smith
Parker Smith COO & Co Founder
Travis Hook
Travis Hook CIO & Co Founder
James Jones
James Jones SVP Investor Relations
Ryan Frank
Ryan Frank SVP Digital
Darryl Self
Darryl Self SVP Real Estate Development
Robert Hasler
Robert Hasler SVP Banking and Finance
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Social Media Manager
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez Customer Success Team Lead
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez Customer Success
Eduardo Astorga
Eduardo Astorga Customer Success

Strategic Advisors

Dara Albright
Dara Albright FinTech
Richard McCay
Richard McCay Finance
Paul Quilkey
Paul Quilkey Asset Management

This Offering Will be Open for a Limited time only!

Don’t miss your chance to invest and become a shareholder in the company behind the real estate funds!

Minimum Investment Amount: $25,000
Purchase Price: $5.50 Per Share
Open to Accredited Investors Only.
Bonus Shares Available.